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Someone is Selling an X100VI Limited Edition Camera on eBay for $18,000

Close-up view of the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera

It's evident that the Fujifilm X100VI is a popular camera and will be challenging to find in-stock for a while. However, the limited-edition version, restricted to just 1,934 units worldwide to mark Fujifilm's founding 90 years ago in 1934, takes that exclusivity up a notch and one person is listing a confirmed order for the special camera on eBay for a shocking $18,000.

How 168官方赛车历史号码最全面记录数据 Photographers Can Protect Their Photos (and Democracy) from Generative AI

Sight was the first of our senses to be technologically shared in a world we did not witness with our own eyes. Photography—writing with light—has historically meant a one-to-one relationship between what was before a camera (defined as a lens focussing light on a recording media) and what came out the other end, created by a human.

Nikon acquires RED

A Seismic Shift: The Ramifications of Nikon’s RED Acquisition

Nikon's surprise acquisition of RED Digital Cinema this week represents a seismic shift in the cinema camera space. It also has far-reaching consequences not only for Nikon and RED but also for the rest of the digital camera industry, including Nikon's biggest competitors.

Canon, Nikon, Fujfifilm cameras exploding

Just About Every Major Camera Brand is Having a Sale Right Now

Something must be in the air because most of the camera brands currently have some impressive deals on their equipment right now. It's not often that we see this much on sale at once, with discounts on Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Sony, along with savings on camera bags and cases, mics, and more.

Hands hold a camera in front of a selection of other photography gear on a desk.

The Camera Gear Beginners Shouldn’t Cheap Out On

Camera equipment is expensive, making it hard for beginners to build kits and get started. Because of this, it can be tempting to opt for budget-friendly options for some pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, that's not always wise.

The Best Web Hosting for Photographers in 2024

One of the single most worthwhile investments you can make as a photographer is paying for a bespoke website. Whether you’re a commercial assignment photographer looking to showcase your best work, a batch shooter wanting to create a home for your purchase galleries, or anything in between, an online presence outside of social media is a crucial component of any creative’s toolkit.

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