Just About Every Major Camera Brand is Having a Sale Right Now

Canon, Nikon, Fujfifilm cameras exploding

Something must be in the air because most of the camera brands currently have some impressive deals on their equipment right now. It’s not often that we see this much on sale at once, with discounts on Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Sony, along with savings on camera bags and cases, mics, and more.

New Gear Available This Week

Before diving into the plethora of deals happening right now, it’s worth pointing out all of the gear that was recently announced and available now for purchase or pre-order.

This Week’s Deals

Now, on to the lengthy list of deals to be had on camera equipment. These savings range from cameras and lenses to hard drives, bags, film, and more. But the star of the show is the discount on the Canon EOS R3.

The Best Deal: Canon EOS R3 $4,499.00 (normally $5,999.00)

We told you it was coming, and it finally has arrived: the R3 got a huge price reduction. The Canon EOS R3 is a fantastic camera, and at 25% off, we’ve never seen it priced this low. We previously reviewed this pro-grade camera and thoroughly enjoyed the handling and built-in grip. The camera is capable of 30 frames per second blackout-free continuous shooting, superb noise handling and dynamic range, and excellent autofocus abilities. Although it isn’t the newest camera, it is still a fantastic choice for those looking for a high-performing device. For those in the market for a professional camera, this is a deal you won’t want to pass up.

Sony Cameras & Lenses

Nikon Cameras & Lenses

Canon Cameras & Lenses

Fujifilm Cameras & Lenses

SSD & Hard Drives

Printers & Paper

Cases & Backpacks

Other Good Stuff

That’s a ton of stuff, I know, but it’s not even everything we saw — just the best items. It’s a huge week for deals, so if you’re looking to refresh your gear, you’ll probably not find a better time outside of major sales holidays than right now.