Fujifilm Says it Will Take ‘Months’ To Fulfill ‘Overwhelming’ X100VI Orders

Fujifilm X100VI

The new X100VI has far exceeded Fujifilm’s predictions, and it expects backorders to persist for at least a “few months” as the company has confirmed its production capacity is capped at 15,000 units per month.

Fujifilm’s X100VI camera received what it characterizes as an “overwhelming” global response when it was announced last month, and while it was prepared for double the demand for the X100V, the actual pre-order numbers exceeded its plans. Not long after the camera was announced, a Nikkei report alleged Fujifilm was only able to produce the new camera at a rate of 15,000 units per month globally.

The company today confirmed to PetaPixel that this is accurate.

Additionally, Fujifilm provided further details on the demand and how it anticipates handling it moving forward.

“Since its announcement on February 20, 2024, reception for X100VI has far exceeded any expectations and created unprecedented global demand. We are truly grateful and honored that Fujifilm cameras and systems have become the brand of choice for many content creators,” Fujifilm says.

“Building off of the wildly popular success of its predecessor X100V, we have estimated the demand to be as twice as high for the X100VI and planned the production accordingly. However, even with our advanced production planning and increased capacity, the orders we have already received (in markets where pre-orders are available) have led to a waiting list of backorders in those markets.”

Given the popularity, Fujifilm says it may be some time before all backorders are filled.

“We are working to accelerate production to meet the additional demand, however, it will take a few months before we can start to fill backorders. We appreciate our community’s support and patience regarding this matter.”

Most dealers in the United States are not restricting how many orders for the X100VI they are willing to accept but are also not providing anticipated actual ship times. As Fujifilm said, orders placed today may take until the summer to fulfill. However, it is likely the hope that through the increased production capacity (which is double that of the X100V), the initial demand can be filled, and the X100VI will be more readily available by later this year.

Image credits: Fujifilm