Marques Brownlee Tries Out OpenAI’s Video Generator Sora and Shares His Thoughts

This AI-generated “product reviewer” looks more like a photographer.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee was given the opportunity to use OpenAI’s brand new and as yet unreleased video generator Sora.

Brownlee posted three video clips he created on Sora and also shared his thoughts on the technology that has been turning heads.

The internet personality first made a video of a dog walking across a parking lot. Walking is a difficult action to create artificially and there are errors but it is still mightily impressive. The second video is of a 3D printer while the third is of a product reviewer who looks more like a photographer.

Brownlee says Sora is struggling with physics, in particular legs and walking.

“Often in Sora-generated videos of walking, the legs cross over and merge into each other. Also, branded items never quite match up to real life. Things like cars, cameras, etc are never quite identifiable as a specific model,” he says on X (formerly Twitter)

However, Brownlee praises the lighting noting that in the AI video of a professional product reviewer, it’s “almost as if there’s a large soft key light just out of frame to the left”

“Across the board, lighting and shadows match very well. Across the desk, the computer, keyboard, face, et cetera…but he has 6 fingers lol.”

There is no official release date for Sora yet.