These Countries Pay the Most for Photography, According to a Study

Counries of the world

Despite the threat posed by AI and general financial insecurities, the photography and videography markets are doing well, according to a recent report.

But which countries pay the most for photography services? An article created by the stock trading website Insider Monkey has listed the top 15 highest-paying countries.

Insider Monkey says they found the data for average photographer salaries from the ERI Economic Research Institute and compiled the top 15.

15 – France

Starting the list is France with an average photography salary of $50,156.

14 – New Zealand

In 14th place, New Zealand which has an average salary of $50,519.

13 – Norway

The Scandinavian country has an average salary of $54,879.

12 – Canada


America’s northerly neighbor has an average salary of $55,813.

11- Ireland

Pots of gold are available to photographers on the Emerald Isle. Average salary: $56,263.

10 – Finland

The Nordic nation benefits from strong support for the arts and photographers can expect an average salary of $56,531.

9 – Iceland

Many photographers want to visit Iceland to document its natural splendor but full-time photographers there get an average salary of $57,938.

8 – Netherlands


Photographers in the Netherlands may be able to get around on bicycle thanks to the country’s flat nature and excellent cycling infrastructure. Average salary: $57,938.

7 – Australia

At the end of a hard day’s shooting, photographers can relax by placing a “shrimp on the barbie.” Average salary: $58,251.

6 – Austria

Tyrol, Austria

The hills of Tyrol have attracted photographers for hundreds of years but full-time shooters can expect an average salary of $60,974.

5 – Belgium

Famed for its good quality beer, photographers in Belgium can expect an average salary of $64,214.

4 – United States

New York, USA

Photographers in the U.S. get an average salary of $64,410. How much of that is helped by the world’s best-paid photographer Annie Leibovitz is unclear.

3 – Denmark

In the battle of the Nordic nations, in which they all appear on the top 15 except Sweden (sorry Sweden), Denmark is crowned Sultan of Scandinavia with an average salary of $67,740.

2 – Luxembourg

The small landlocked European country is the second highest on the list with an average salary of $71,764.

1 – Switzerland


And the winner is Switzerland with an average salary of $91,952.

Notable Exceptions

It is perhaps surprising not to see Germany or the United Kingdom on the list; two economic powerhouses that both have very active photo communities.

Of course, data such as this has to be taken with a pinch of salt because to get figures like this accurate is nigh impossible. But it stands to reason that richer countries with developed economies will top the list.

The flip side to that is richer countries have higher prices generally and good salaries can quickly be wiped out by living expenses, equipment purchases, and the myriad of costs photographers must face.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.