This App Intelligently Deletes Duplicate Photos, Tidying Up Storage

Screenshots from the macOS photo organization app Peakto

As cameras get faster and storage gets cheaper, it is all too easy for photographers to shoot everything, delete nothing, and find themselves struggling in an endless sea of photos. That’s where Peakto’s new centralized deletion feature comes in.

The update gives the app the power to understand that an image is a duplicate of another even if it exists in a separate location on a storage device and has a different file name thanks to artificial intelligence.

Within the Peakto app, users can easily track down and delete images en masse from local folders, Apple Photos, DxO, ON1, Pixelmator, and Lightroom. However, the Lightroom functionality comes with a bit of a caveat. In the case of a Lightroom catalog, Peakto doesn’t directly remove images from connected catalogs but instead flags images for deletion using a “rejected” marker. Users can then enter their Lightroom catalog, group these marked photos, and delete them.

Peakto screenshot showing the new centralized deletion feature in the macOS photo organizing app

This two-step trash feature has the added benefit of enabling photographers to see what was marked by Peakto before kicking it to the curb. This is also true with images deleted elsewhere, as they are put into the macOS trash can rather than permanently removed from the hard drive(s).

Peakto’s centralized deletion builds upon existing artificial intelligence technology to evaluate and analyze images in connected photography editing apps. The AI identifies and categorizes screenshots, blurry or poorly exposed images, and duplicates while allowing the user to compare multiple copies of the same image.

There’s no question that photo management can be an exceptionally time-consuming endeavor, and Cyme believes that Peakto can help photographers get a handle on their libraries, no matter how cluttered or large.

The app, which is available for macOS, integrates with all the major photo editing applications, including ON1, Capture One, Lightroom Classic and CC, Photos, Luminar, DxO PhotoLab, DxO PureRAW, Pixelmator, and even Apple Aperture. It also works alongside a connected Instagram account.

Peakto is available with a 15-day free trial from Cyme’s website. The app is also available as a free download from the Mac App Store, although it includes in-app purchases. A monthly subscription is $10 per month, while an annual plan is $60 a year.

Image credits: Peakto